Pediatric Dentistry

Our skilled dental team offers dental care for children of all ages, combining a child-friendly, relaxing environment with the latest dental technology. From routine oral health exams to preventive care such as cleaning and fluoride treatment, we can offer successful dental care from an early age.

Pacifica Dental located in Huntington Beach will help your children through early assessment and counseling on habits such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding, or pacifier use. We provide information and assistance with nutritional recommendations, teeth straightening and both cavity and tooth defect repair. We are also experts at diagnosing any oral conditions or gum issues. Additionally, we can provide care for any dental injuries, such as lost or fractured teeth.

We understand that children need to be made comfortable during at exam. We provide a relaxed and comfortable setting in which to offer treatment options for teeth, gums, and mouth. And we can help you instill good oral hygiene habits for small children through the teen years. From cleaning and exams to assist with the establishment of sound dental practices, we are dedicated to helping and motivating kids to achieve the ultimate in good death health now and in the future.

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