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Invisalign Huntington Beach

Pacifica Dental offers our Huntington Beach area patients the option of Invisalign, clear braces that eliminates the need for unattractive metal braces to straighten teeth effectively. The Invisalign® alternative provides a close to invisible system of tooth alignment, which can straighten teeth easily and rapidly, no metal braces involved.

Just like standard braces but without the uncomfortable metal, Invisalign® treatment can correct bite problems and create an even and beautiful smile. The Invisalign process utilizes custom-made aligning trays, which are changed out by every few weeks to fit your improving dental configuration. Invisalign® aligning trays can also be removed if a patient desires, for important occasions. This option for temporary removal makes a more flexible and individual experience for dental patients, by placing corrective decisions in your hands.

Invisalign Huntington Beach

The benefits of Invisalign are outlined below:

Invisible aligners, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you’re doing so. You can see an improved smile during the treatment as well as after.

Removable aligners, you can now eat and drink during treatment without any problems. In addition, you can enjoy a comfortable brushing and flossing routine without having to make alterations.

Comfortable aligners, Invisalign uses aligners that have no metal. Since there is no metal involved, you will experience no mouth abrasions during treatment. You will also avoid spending additional time at the office to make adjustments.

Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks. They will move the teeth about 0.25 millimeters per aligner. You will see the dentists once every 6 weeks to ensure the treatment is providing the expected results.

Invisalign works to thoroughly correct mouth overcrowding, which left untreated can lead to decay and gum diseases. Comfortable and effective, Invisalign also corrects large tooth gaps, as well as cross bite issues, overbite, and underbite. Whatever orthodontic issues your teeth present, Invisalign works well to cure them, as well as preventing jaw pain and TMJ, bone erosion, gum disease, and overall tooth decay. We’re here to help make your smile a work of healthy art, and Invisalign is one of our successful tools.

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