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Pacifica Dental offers preventative dental care for your entire family. Our expert staff will work with you to help your whole family maintain a healthy smile through regular teeth cleaning, sealants, fluoride, and routine preventative care designed for both children and adults. We schedule regular teeth cleanings so our experienced and skilled hygienists can ensure your dental health. Cleanings are an important part of good dental care, keeping teeth healthy by removing the plaque that your tooth brush just can’t reach, under your gum line as well as between your teeth. And standard dental check ups are also important, to study any changes in your teeth and prevent problems from arising, as well as taking care of any small issues so they won’t become bigger.

President Dr. Sameer Aljanedi

President Dr. Sameer Aljanedi

And we also offer protective fluoride designed to strengthen tooth structure and keep teeth stable and healthy by assisting in the prevention of tooth decay. Decay occurs when natural bacteria meets sugar in our daily diets, which causes the creation of a corrosive acid that can break down our tooth content. Once tooth content begins to break, cavities will form. So to prevent this, our Huntington Beach family dentistry practice works tirelessly to prevent and remove decay, fill cavities and restore good dental health.

Pacifica Dental strives to help avoid any future decay through home dental care tips on everything from brushing and flossing to diet. We offer sealants that will also protect any uneven tooth surfaces from decay, as well as fluoride treatments, to strengthen teeth and give everyone in your family a healthy, happy smile.